The Best Gold Prices Guaranteed!

Max Main Rentals

Rent the perfect account for staking in the duel arena. You keep all winnings and just pay a small fee per hour of use.


Why Buy From Us

Our goal is to make buying Runescape gold is simple and easy. The proccess only takes a few minutes if a live chat agent is online, when you are ready to purchase just chat with a representative to arrange the best payment method and pickup for you. 

How To Buy RS Gold / Order A Service From Us

Contact a livechat agent to let us know what you need and we will help you get there.

How To Sell Gold

Selling gold is just as easy as buying it, chat with a live agent and you can receive an offer for your gold immediately. 

How Long Can I Rent A Staking Account?

You can rent one of our  max stakers for as long as you like with a deposit and agreed amount per hour of use.  Please chat with a agent for further information.